Mutual respect and sensitivityThe rise of radicalismStop judgingOut of the blue

Mutual respect and sensitivity

Cultural differences can be challenging and influenced by prejudices. Here are 3 simple examples how to dial up interreligious dialogue in everyday life.

The rise of radicalism

Why some young Westerners leave everything behind to follow groups like ISIS — can we answer this challenge?

Stop judging

Going to Mass with my daughter is distracting when I worry too much about what others will think of my parenting…

Out of the blue

An unexpected visit from my sister-in-law before a busy weekend could have been the last drop…and instead was just the right preparation.


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Extreme dialogue
Moving way just beyond tolerance

The ongoing tensions in the Middle East and in some African countries have an effect almost all over the world. ISIS threatens Christians, members of other religions and Muslims who don’t want to submit to their terror regime. The fascination that some young people even outside the Middle East have for this group is disturbing; some leave everything behind to fight with them or to attack in their home countries. ISIS is not an expression of Islam. Is there some way we can respond? Diplomatic strategies leave little hope, but faith communities offer another approach: another “extremism,” in working for peace and dialogue.

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Meeting people of other religions personally helps you understand their cultures and traditionsand is the best remedy against prejudices. Here are three examples of how to dial up the interreligious dialogue in everyday life.

Why are young Westerners attracted to follow groups like ISIS?
Can we answer this challenge?

The right preparation for a busy weekend

Worrying about my own parenting made Mass with my daughter a distracting experience